Jean Carr Hill Race results 2019

Scottish Athletics Licence - Gordon Castle 10k

Gordon Castle 10k - 2019 licence (pdf)


Deveron Projects Slow Marathon

 Slow Marathon 2019 Deveron Projects is an arts organisation located in Huntly, Aberdeenshire that has been organising and hosting events for over 23 years. The Slow Marathon, co-concepted with Ethiopian artist Mihret Kebede in 2012, is our annual 42km walking event. Celebrating the human pace, it is both an endurance event as well as a poetic act that brings together friendship, physical activity and an appreciation of our varied landscape. 'The Ba'Hill, the Battlehill, the Clashmach and the Bin, they all form a circle and Huntly lies within'. The Slow Marathon 2019 will walk a route inspired by this local poem. It is a circle of beautiful and varied terrain - including woodland, farmland, hills, and the banks of the river Deveron - starting and finishing in Huntly. For more information about the project: The specific 2019 event: And on social media: Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information or if you would like me to prepare something specific for your organisation to share through your channels. Best, Natasha Natarajan Deveron Projects Huntly, Aberdeenshire